Heat load Calculation Refrigerant Freezer

Simple web application to calculate the cooling heat load of cold rooms. The application is designed for determining the power demand of regular cold rooms, freezer storages, blast chillers and freezer rooms. FREE trial.

Quick calculation

The app features a clear and concise user interface. For the quicker and easier handling, the values are auto-filled where possible.


We have made great efforts to prevent inaccurate data input. The cooling heat load web application checks for inaccurate, illogical data entered by the users.

Unlimited access

Installation not required, the app runs in a browser, so it can be accessed by any computer with a suitable browser by anywhere through the internet for. FREE trial.

The web application is designed to fully adjust the geometric parameters of a cold room. It can handle square-, rectangular- and L-shaped cold rooms too. Insulation parameters for each side of the room can be entered separately, e.g. thickness of insulation, type of insulation (unique K values can be entered too), outside temperature of a particular side. The app contains the data of 160 refrigerated goods. Other heat load factors during cooling and freezing can also be entered in detail like the number of persons and heat emitting devices, duration of their stay and operation, heat load of illumination. Based on the entered data the app calculates the total cooling heat load and prepares a detailed tracking of the partial loads such as persons, illumination, devices, ventilation, evaporator fan, defrosting, goods and insulation load. Downloadable and printable pdf documents can be created from the calculations. The pdf document may contain not only the data and the detailed results of the calculations but the data of its maker as well. The calculation can be saved in the web application. It is stored on our server and not on your computer which ensures easy access from anywhere at any time, quick loading and instant use.


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